Report No. 3

12th EU YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 - report no. 3

Already 6 rounds were played within EU Youth Chess Championship 2014! After the round 6, the leaders in category of boys and girls in U8 are Rajat Makkar (FRA) and Zsoka Gaal (HUN), U10 Georg Aleksander Pedoson (EST) and Beloslava Krasteva (BUL), U12 Kirill Chukavin (EST) and WFM Gabriela Antova (BUL), U14 WCM Viktoria Radeva (BUL) and Viktor Haring (SVK), in unofficial category U16 Marek Karas (SVK) and Natalie Kanakova (CZE). 

Daily there are awarded the best games of each round elected by IM Pisk. Due to the high performance during the rounds 4 - 6, awarded players are: Vladislav Nazarov (EST), Teodor-Cosmin Nedelcu (ROU), Bao Anh Le Bui (GER), Georg Aleksander Pedoson (EST), Kristina Subjakova (SVK), Beloslava Krasteva (BUL), Jan Bauer (CZE), Kirill Chukavin (EST), Alexandru-Mihai Cotruta (ROU),  Yovann Gatineau (FRA), Tomas Ludvik (CZE), Chjara Sabiani (FRA), Kai Pannwitz (SCO), Sarka Volaninova (CZE), Ema Pociute (LTU), Mikolaj Tomczak (POL) a Simona Suchomelova (CZE).

On Sunday there was a blitz tournament, where 46 players (players of EUYCC, coaches, parents) from 11 countries participated! After the dramatic course of the event the winner became Mikolaj Tomczak from Poland (8p) ahead of first seeded Calum Macqueen from Scotland (7,5p) and Kirill Chukavin from Estonia (6,5p). All winners received nice presents.

On Monday many participants used the possibility to see Pumped storage hydro plant Dlouhe Strane (

In the hotel there is a lot of possibilities to enjoy the leisure time, daily is possible to play table tennis, football, bowling, use the swimming pool, wellness, etc.

Zdenek Fiala

Director of the championship


Datum: 24.06.17

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